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This is classic newgrounds right here , me and my friend try to watch this one around christmas time every year we love it that much shame that the java update has messed up some of the scenes in it

Very slick ,well made and entertaining dont know how I feel about huge bear tits though haha xD

It is pretty good for someones second animation and I imagine that youre making fun of the Beats headphones or something similar and its the same way i feel about it those headphones arent anything special at all .

Keep on animating buddy you will only get better

Aloelion responds:

yup ;)....you kinda get what im saying here....having a high price for an item, doesnt always make it better.And thanks for the feedback.....

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Work in progress

for your first serious attempt i think this is decent just keep plugging away mate

The-One-Banana responds:


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pretty fun melody and i really like the guitar sound you should totally add drums to this track to give it that extra edge , all in all its a very nice track man good job !

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

I made cymbal crashes, but completely forgot about the damn drums! I guess I just went through it too quickly. I'll be sure to address the drums next time.

Oh, thanks for reviewing, I love it when that happens!

I like the tune very much and i like the raspy vocals very catchy , bet you were getting kind of mad about the kids joining in werent you hehe :) it kind of dragged the listener out of the song and you lose focus of it but otherwise its really good

buy yourself a cheap recorder and a mic wich arent that expensive these days and get this properly recorded man your onto something

Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks Coolie. I wasn't getting that aggravated about the kids joining in, but I did kind of want them to stay quieter. lol Oh well. If I ever get back in to the studio, I'll probably record this one next. With drums, bass, etc.. Stay tuned for more music. You haven't heard the last of me.

the song is pretty cool and the mix in the chorus is just lovely my only minor gripe is that the kick drum is too loud in the more quiet bits and it wears your ears out a bit especially if youre using headphones ,

All in all it was a fantastic job though

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